Thursday, 10 November 2011

Newcastle United Play at St James' Park

Every day some idiot involved in professional football gives us another reason to boycott the game. Depriving scum like the Glazers and Mike Ashley of cash are the only way to drive them out of the game.

Newcastle United play at St James' Park not the 'Sports Direct Arena' or the 'Mike Ashley's A Nobhead Stadium'.

Sadly the chavs are in charge and the biggest chav clubs have sold their souls along with their 'naming rights'. I really thought better of Arsenal but no, they play at The Emirates. Chelsea are selling the name of Stamford Bridge, no surprise there. But I really didn't expect Newcastle to prostitute St James' Park. I suppose Ashley thought he could sneak it in because the Geordies would all keep schtum while enjoying a cracking start to the season. Are they that easy to buy off? Let's wait and see.

Manchester City have gone from Maine Road to 'The Council House'. Which was renamed the City of Manchester Stadium, which became Eastlands, which has now become the Etihad Stadium, which is Arabic for United ironically. But I suppose being a Bedouin club changing names frequently is the next best thing to roaming around different grounds all season.

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