Thursday, 11 November 2010

Manchester City FC and Roberto Mancini

Manchester City Manager, Roberto Mancini
Roberto Mancini is to be given honorary membership of Manchester City FC's highest order of merit, the Order of the Most Bitter and Deluded.

The award is given to people who are so obsessed with Manchester United that they become totally deluded and lose all contact with reality. The award is commonly referred to by Mancunians as a 'Tevez' and recipients referred to as 'Bitters'.

Following yet another failure to beat Manchester United Mancini made the following statement to the assembled media about City: "Now we are equal (with United)". Forgive me Bobby Manc, as the Bitters referred to him when he arrived as yet another false Messiah, but you haven't yet beaten United. That makes you pretty crap actually.

Tracey Mong

Tracy Mong, Miss Manchester City 2010, told us: "Bleedin' 'ell fella, that is deludey wotsit even by our standards. That's why Bobby Manc is one of us, he's the best Bitter evor!". She then carried on eating her sixth post match meat and potato pie.

But just remember 1999. Manchester City fans were here  while Manchester United fans were here.

Who knows, maybe Mr Mancini and Tracy were partying after the match with City celebrity fan Ricky 'The Snortman' Hatton.