Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Football Deserves Manchester City And Carlos Tevez

Yesterday was a big day for me in sporting terms. I went to Old Trafford for the first time since giving up my season ticket following the Glazer theft of the club and his dumping of a half billion debt on it. I went at the invitation of my niece and we were sat in 'K' stand, which used to be the most feared seating section  in football with some of the noisiest and most passionate fans.

In a section of the tier of seating above us were the Swiss fans from Basel, it was a European Champions League game. The Swiss were obviously Alpine mountain folk with little culture as they repeatedly sprayed us from above with fluid from cups and bottles that we couldn't determine the origin of.  Not pleasant but they did make a noise, chanting and singing throughout the game.

The rest of the ground was silent for most of the game and maybe it was the lack of passion and support from the stands that contributed to United's second half performance, one that a team of geriatrics would have have been disappointed with. The whole atmosphere was flat, corporate and sterile. It was more like an early round of the Carling Cup than a European Cup game. What the hell has happened to English football? The atmosphere was draining away prior to 2005 in most grounds, it now resembles a night at the opera on last night's experience.

The best part of last night was the news  after the game that Manchester City had been beaten in Munich and that Carlos Tevez had refused to play. Manchester City are like the chav who won a rollover jackpot on the lottery and then goes on the world's most vulgar spending spree. Purchases are made on the principle of showing off rather than value for money or genuine need, hence the boastful billboards when they took Tevez from United. Not so chuffed now are you City? Looks like Fergie has made you look like clowns yet again by offloading a misfit onto you .

They've also had a pop at the wealthy old aristocrats of Arsenal by getting mercenaries like Nasri and others from there. What they haven't realised is that buying a collection of greedy, money grubbing mercenaries doesn't make a team of champions. Tevez has proved that on several occasions at Manchester City, as has Balotelli and the great thing about last night was that Dzeko, another mercenary at City also threw a temper tantrum and is in the brown stuff with their manager Mancini.

The problem with football is that money has completely corrupted it and blackened its soul. But there are two clubs that have done more than others to ruin the game, Manchester City and Chelsea. Bought by vulgarians from abroad with more money than taste they have tried to buy success but don't realise that they can't buy class. Blackburn Rovers, in their own small way, managed to do it in 1995. But when their wealthy benefactor went it was obvious there was no solid foundation for the club to build on. They have achieved little since then and are now owned by a family of chicken processors from India.

Last night was the first time I've watched 'top class' football since 2005 and I won't be going again. Well done City and Chelsea, you've hammered the final nails in the coffin of English football.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Lancashire County Cricket Club

Belated congratulations to Lancashire on winning the County Championship. I've woken up every morning since having to check I hadn't dreamt it. Absolutely fantastic.

And the work on rebuilding Old Trafford has begun in earnest so that the ground will be a fit stage for a team of champions to play on. It's sad in some ways because I have so many fond memories of the old ground from first going as a young lad in the late '60s early '70s, but we do need to build for the future. This season I've been to Headingley and Edgbaston to watch Lancashire and those two wonderful grounds really brought home to me how desperately in need of redevelopment Old Trafford is.

Many congratulations and a huge thank you to all at Lancashire for a wonderful season.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Chorley FC v FC United of Manchester-Live in Moston!

Following the shambles caused by Chorley FC and Lancashire plod, FC United fans can now watch Saturday's game live in Manchester without having to put a penny into the coffers of Chorley FC.

From the FC United of Manchester website:
We are pleased to announce we have secured agreement from the League and Chorley FC to stream Saturday’s match live to a venue of our choosing and we have therefore chosen to show the match at Moston Miners Club.

We have developed great links with the Miners Club in recent months with the venue being the hub of much of the work we have been doing in the area.

We have been encouraged by the response from supporters to the club’s decision to decline an allocation of away tickets for the fixture and, by showing the game live, it allows those supporters to gather together to raise money for the club and for Moston Miners Club as they continue their re-development after the recent fire.

Doors will open at 10.00 onwards for breakfast, with the game scheduled to start at 12.30. We are asking that those attend make a £5 donation as a means of entry.

Many thanks to FCUM TV and FCUM Radio, who will be doing a simultaneousness broadcast to make the stream possible on Saturday.

Also on a Saturday morning, at 10am, FCUM Radio has a programme called Sown Ja Saturdaze, so if you’re looking for something to listen to whilst eating your breakfast, help yourself.

PLEASE be mindful of concerns over parking in Moston. There is plenty of parking on Lightbowne Road and its a short walk across the park to the venue at the Miners club. We urge all supporters to please use Lightbowne Road for parking.

Buses from Manchester city centre stop opposite Teddington Road for the Miners club, numbers 77, 51 and 24 from Lever Street or Piccadilly.

The venue:

The Miners Arts cafe. Teddington Road, Moston , M40 0DJ.

Alcohol and soft drinks will be on sale, plus food etc at the venue.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Chorley FC v FC United of Manchester-10 September-Well Done Lancashire Police!

Lancashire police close in on a man smoking in a pub!
I've lived in four police areas, Manchester, Derbyshire, London and now Lancashire. Without  a doubt, and I'm not going into a long list of reasons, Lancashire police are the most inept bunch of clowns I've come across. They are useless, in fact they are worse than useless.

Thanks to their ineptitude, and the idiots who run Chorley FC, a day out at a non-league football game has been ruined for hundreds, maybe thousands of people. Without any consultation with FC United Chorley met the police and announced the following restrictions for our game on September 10th:

-Kick off  moved from 3-00pm to 11-30am.
-Game to be all ticket.
-FC United to get 530 tickets to sell only to season ticket holders.
-Chorley fans, with a voucher from one of three previous home games, could buy four tickets each.

FC United have absolutely no history of trouble, home or away. Chorley claim the restrictions are in place because of their fans attacking Chester fans last season. So why restrict FC United fans?

It was Chorley fans, allegedly supporters of league clubs who attended for the day, who attacked Chester fans. So why allow Chorley fans to buy four tickets that could easily get into the hands of the yobs who caused trouble last season?

The trouble last year came about because the club skimped financially on segregation of Chester and Chorley fans. The segregation broke down and violence ensued.

The police insisted that Chester move their fans' coaches during the game. The Chester fans weren't informed, went to where they had left their coaches and were promptly attacked by yobs.

In a nutshell the Lancashire police and Chorley FC couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery. Anybody who has watched football for a few years could have told the police and Chorley that their organisation for the Chester game last season was inadequate.

FC United have the biggest support in the Evostick Northern Premier League. What has angered so many FC United fans is that regardless of our record of exemplary behaviour, the police and Chorley, with no consultation with officials from FC United, brought in these draconian restrictions merely as a dummy run for when Chorley host Chester again this season. So if you live in Lancashire, get dragged out of your bed in the early hours and taken to the local nick don't worry, it's probably just a dry run for when they have to nick a criminal!

But don't forget, FC United could probably have taken over 1000 fans to Chorley. So the cock-up suits them as their manager has publicly expressed his wish to see FC fans outnumbered by Chorley fans for the game.

Eventually the league ordered a meeting between the two clubs, the league and the police. That meeting took place yesterday.  There was complete intransigence on the part of the police and Chorley FC. This shows that Chorley and the Lancashire police have learnt nothing from last year's disastrous Chester game. The board of FC United are not prepared to put FC fans at risk,  so there will be no tickets sold to FC United supporters. Strangely, following that decision by FC United last night, Chorley moved the kick off to 12-30.

So thank you to Lancashire police and Chorley FC. You have screwed up between you a great day. Instead of running out to a crowd of maybe 2000+ and a great atmosphere the players will be running out to a few hundred and no atmosphere. And Chorley FC are likely to make a big loss on the game having to foot a huge policing bill but with  a fraction of the crowd they had expected.

Perhaps the lesson for Chorley to learn is that we may follow FC United home and away in huge numbers but don't take us for granted, we're not here to be dumped on. We left Manchester United to form a new club because we were tired of being treated like crap, the Glazers being the final straw. We sure aren't going to sit down and let Chorley FC and the Lancashire police shaft us.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Non-League Day and FC United of Manchester

On Saturday 3rd September 2011, clubs across the country will be hoping for larger crowds than normal when the non-league pyramid hosts Non-League Day.

The organisers of Non-League Day said: "It is a chance to shine a light on the hundreds of clubs in this country who are almost exclusively volunteer run, and do so much good for the local community, be it through coaching, fundraising or providing opportunities for local people."

So why not use this opportunity to bring someone along to Gigg Lane who wouldn’t normally attend. There’s no Premiership football due to the international weekend so it’s the perfect chance for people to try non-league football.

In addition, residents from Moston and the surrounding area have been invited to this match for free via vouchers that have been delivered to homes by our volunteers and is part of the wider consultation associated with FC United’s proposals for a community based football ground near to Broadhurst Park.

Anyone with a North Manchester Day voucher will be able to attend this match for free on production of the voucher through turnstiles 13 and 14.

Let’s show any non-league virgins, curious North Manchester residents and potential new supporters what’s so good about this thing of ours...

FC United vs. Rushall Olympic, Gigg Lane, Saturday 3rd September, kick off 3pm.