Saturday, 30 April 2011

FC United of Manchester United FC

Happy days for the red two thirds of Manchester. For those of us who binned our season tickets after the Glazer takeover at Old Trafford our club, FC United of Manchester, play in the play off final at Colwyn Bay on Monday. A place in the Conference North is the prize for the winner.

After the sheer joy of the semi-final win at Bardford on Thursday I can't get a ticket for the final sadly. Colwyn Bay only have a capacity of 2500 but it is restricted to 2000 for this game, 1000 allocated to us. Why, oh why do the powers that be give a stadium a 2500 capacity then, the first time they get to fill it, they reduce the capacity to 2000 for safety reasons? 'Elf 'n' safety gorn mad!

Tomorrow Manchester United take on Arsenal at the Emiroids. A win there will put United on the brink of a historic and record breaking 19th title. We might hate the Glazers and refuse to help pay their debts, but would still much rather United win trophies than any other club, especially those who have sold their souls for filthy lucre. You know who you are.


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Manchester City FC-All Cash, No Class Part II

Manchester City FC are like the roughest old tart in the roughest, grimiest part of town who has won the lottery. No matter how many millions won in the rollover they still have no class, every social disease known to man and the manners and decency of a skunk.

Last night at Blackburn they were singing: "Who put the ball in the Munich's net?" at their overpaid chav mercenary who scored the winning goal in the FA Cup semi final against United. Not just a handful of them, but the couple of thousand almost to a man, who bothered to turn up. Note, not the 100,000 who claim to have been at Ewood Park when they were promoted a few seasons ago. 

Did the Arabs who bought the old scrubber realise what a shabby, vile, nasty bunch of misfits came with their purchase of the footballing tart known as Manchester City I wonder?

Friday, 22 April 2011

FA Cup Final-World Famous Football Cup For Sale

The Football Association are pleased to announce the sale of a much loved family heirloom, the Football Association Challenge Cup.

There have been two enquiries to date, one from an upright organisation in the English Potteries, the other from a family of extremely wealthy Arabs acting through a very dodgy agent in East Manchester. 

Final bids will be considered on May 14th.

Manchester City FC, trying to buy a trophy just like Blackburn Rovers did in 1995.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Manchester City FC at Wembley-First Time in 35 Years?

It's funny how City fans seem to remember 1976, when they won the League Cup, as the last time they were at Wembley. Admittedly a lot can happen in 35 years, like United winning two more European Cups, including a Treble. Lots of Doubles, countless championships and FA Cups. Oh yes, a Cup Winners Cup too. But I think City fans have forgotten a more recent Wembley visit. Come on now, surely you remember?

OK then. It was 1999, when United were winning the European Cup in Barcelona. Ring any bells? No?

Right then, City were at Wembley in 1999 playing Gillingham in the Third Division Play-Off Final. Remember now? Yes, City fans try to forget they were in the Third Division 12 years ago.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

FC United of Manchester

The story of FC United so far, in a short film. Great fun it is too watching FC United:

Friday, 1 April 2011

Racism in Football-Gordon Taylor and the PFA

Once again Gordon Taylor of the Professional Footballers' Association is in the news for talking tripe. This is the man whose Trade Union represents the likes of Wayne Rooney, John Terry and all the footballers on multimillion pound a year contracts. So he knows about life at the rough end obviously.

This time he's demanding that as there are only two black managers out of 92 football league clubs, black candidates should be guaranteed an interview for any vacancy. He doesn't say how he would have dealt with the over representation of Scotsmen in football management over the years. Presumably he would advocate a cap on them applying for jobs.

But strangely he justifies his pretty murky views by criticising the number of foreign managers brought to the UK rather than black managers being given a chance. Even more strangely he supports his argument about imaginary racism by actually naming two foreign managers who have allegedly blocked the progress of black managers in the UK. They are Ruud Gullit and Jean Tigana. One of them's black, and other one? Well, he's black too actually.

From the BBC.