Thursday, 11 November 2010

Manchester City FC and Roberto Mancini

Manchester City Manager, Roberto Mancini
Roberto Mancini is to be given honorary membership of Manchester City FC's highest order of merit, the Order of the Most Bitter and Deluded.

The award is given to people who are so obsessed with Manchester United that they become totally deluded and lose all contact with reality. The award is commonly referred to by Mancunians as a 'Tevez' and recipients referred to as 'Bitters'.

Following yet another failure to beat Manchester United Mancini made the following statement to the assembled media about City: "Now we are equal (with United)". Forgive me Bobby Manc, as the Bitters referred to him when he arrived as yet another false Messiah, but you haven't yet beaten United. That makes you pretty crap actually.

Tracey Mong

Tracy Mong, Miss Manchester City 2010, told us: "Bleedin' 'ell fella, that is deludey wotsit even by our standards. That's why Bobby Manc is one of us, he's the best Bitter evor!". She then carried on eating her sixth post match meat and potato pie.

But just remember 1999. Manchester City fans were here  while Manchester United fans were here.

Who knows, maybe Mr Mancini and Tracy were partying after the match with City celebrity fan Ricky 'The Snortman' Hatton.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Italy v Serbia

There were amazing scenes in Genoa last night as warring Serbian fans caused th abondonment of the Euro 2012 qualifier between Italy and Serbia. Merely football violence, or an example of the far-right nationalism bubbling under the surface in many European countries?

Friday, 13 August 2010

David Beckham

It looks like Capello has decided to retire David Beckham. Maybe the time is right, but I suspect there is probably enough left in Beckham's tank to carry on until the European Championships, assuming England manage to scrape through qualifying.

What has been enlightening this week has been the reaction to the news from the England fans. As ever they have proved themselves to be utter clueless. Actually, a high proportion have, there are obviously some England fans who know a thing or two about football.

Many of the fans on radio phone ins this week have parroted the mantra that he is useless because England won nothing while he played for them. Not just the odd one, but the overwhelming majority were saying that. What a bunch of brain dead pricks, proving that many of us who are luke warm about the naional team and its followers are quite justified.

By their logic Dalglish, Giggs, Raul, Stanley Matthews, Tom Finney, Shearer, and hundreds and thousands more were actually shite. That is obviously crap, therefore proving that the majority of England fans are clueless idiots, or crap.

David Beckham, a great talent, a patriot in the best sense, and sporting great.

Capello and the England fans, clueless, small minded pillocks.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

A Manchester City Joke

A man goes into a pub in Manchester with an alligator under his arm.
"Do you serve City fans in here?" He asks.
"Certainly sir, no problem at all," replies the barman, nervously staring at the alligator.
"Okay," says the man, "a pint of lager for me and a City fan for the alligator."

Red Bull X Fighters

They're back, putting our pampered, overpaid, poncey footballers to shame:

Barclays Premier League 2010

So the pampered, overpaid, talentless ponces have slunk back into the country after a shocking World Cup. No sooner are they back than the likes of United, Chelsea and even smaller clubs like Manchester City are off on money making tours playing pre-season friendlies on other continents. Then, before you know it, managers will be whining about playing too much football. Bollocks!

Professional clubs in this country have shafted fans for far too long, and the fans have just lay there and taken it. Just take a look at things in an objective way. Is what you pay for a game really value for money? Do you really find the Premier League as attractive and exciting as its publicity people make it out to be? Are you happy being policed as if you were a dangerous convict rather than a spectator at a sporting event? Do you actually feel a part of your football club or do you feel like a customer at a great, impersonal corporation?

Make a stand this year and boycott professional football. Hitting them in their pockets is the only way to make a difference.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Speedway Racing

As the speedway season approaches here is a wonderful short film about one of the toughest, most adrenaline fuelled and exciting sports you'll find:

And to show how popular the sport remains in England here is a link to the website of Belle Vue Aces, describing plans for their wonderful new stadium in Gorton, Manchester.

Friday, 26 February 2010

Manchester City FC-Happy 34th Anniversary

We would like to wish Manchester City FC, their staff and supporters a very happy 34th anniversary for Sunday.

Considering they are such a massive club, with a massive council house ground, with massive curly stairways up the outside, a massive fan base with massive corner flags on their massive pitch, massive numbers of celebrity fans like Curly Watts and that singer Peter Kaye called a knobhead on the Brits, it really is an achievement to go 34 years without winning a trophy.

Then of course there is that famous boast that "Ciddee fans are all Mancunians, Trafford United fans are all Cockneys", so following, from the MCFC supporters' club website, are just some of their Manchester based supporters' clubs. Or are they?

Bath & Wiltshire
Blackpool And Fylde
Brantwood Belfast
Carlisle & District
County Wicklow
Gloucester & Cheltenham
Hazel Grove
Isle Of Man
Mcfc America
Milton Keynes
New York City
Northenden (Trafford)
South West
Spanish Blue Moon
Stretford & Urmston (Trafford)
Thames Valley

My word, Manchester has expanded faster than Germany under Adolf Hitler. Wonder if there is now incessant drizzle in Dubai? And is there a Metrolink that runs to Thailand from St Peter's Square?

Anyway happy 34th anniversary MCFC and here's to the next 34 years. Hope you all enjoy this: