Friday, 13 August 2010

David Beckham

It looks like Capello has decided to retire David Beckham. Maybe the time is right, but I suspect there is probably enough left in Beckham's tank to carry on until the European Championships, assuming England manage to scrape through qualifying.

What has been enlightening this week has been the reaction to the news from the England fans. As ever they have proved themselves to be utter clueless. Actually, a high proportion have, there are obviously some England fans who know a thing or two about football.

Many of the fans on radio phone ins this week have parroted the mantra that he is useless because England won nothing while he played for them. Not just the odd one, but the overwhelming majority were saying that. What a bunch of brain dead pricks, proving that many of us who are luke warm about the naional team and its followers are quite justified.

By their logic Dalglish, Giggs, Raul, Stanley Matthews, Tom Finney, Shearer, and hundreds and thousands more were actually shite. That is obviously crap, therefore proving that the majority of England fans are clueless idiots, or crap.

David Beckham, a great talent, a patriot in the best sense, and sporting great.

Capello and the England fans, clueless, small minded pillocks.