Thursday, 16 June 2011

Vancouver Ice Hockey Riots

I love ice hockey and, as the news reports from Vancouver say, the violence is usually on the ice not among the spectators. And I can assure you, there are some amazing fisticuffs on the ice. But yesterday it kicked off on the streets of Vancouver after the Canadian team Vancour Canucks lost the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins.

I'm always loathe to take the mainstream media at face value and the coverage of the Vancouver riots has justified that cynicism. According to the media there is shock that this kind of thing could happen in Vancouver, of all places. I wonder then, which Vancouver the following riot took place in when Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley Cup to the New York Rangers in 1994?

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Premier League Axe Supporters Direct Funding

In an act of sheer spite the Premier League has axed funding to Supporters Direct. This is how Supporters Direct describe their work:

Supporters Direct help fans form trusts by offering advice on how to get it off the ground. We ensure that as many supporters get involved as possible. Having worked with fans setting up over 160 trusts since 2000, we advise fans on what works and what doesn't and give examples of good ideas from other places. As the fans who get involved are volunteers, it's important that they don't get disheartened or feel they wasted time on something that hasn't delivered. We help them avoid going up blind alleys and instead spend their time on things that will be positive and make a difference. We also take some of the load off their hands, as we have full-time staff who are at the end of a phone to advise if needed.

We also pay for all the legal costs of setting up a Trust and may be able to provide small grants, to cover things like advertising, printing, and room hire etc.
It seems the withdrawal of funding is retribution for 'innapropriate' Tweets by their former chief executive Dave Boyle when celebrating AFC Wimbledon's promotion to the Football League. Boyle has already resigned.

The Premier League, proving once again that they exist merely to shit on supporters!

Full Article by David Conn.

Friday, 10 June 2011

FC United of Manchester-Moston Community Stadium

FC United of Manchester is to hold further consultation sessions over its plans to develop a community facility and sports stadium in Moston.

Four further sessions have been planned across the area for June as the club continues to talk to residents about its proposals.

The sessions will be held at the following venues:

Session 1
Venue: Moston Methodist Church, Moston Lane
Date: Tuesday 21st June 2011
Time: 6pm - 8pm

Session 2
Venue:Moston Labour Club, Moston Lane
Date: Wednesday 22nd June 2011
Time: 6pm - 8pm

Session 3
Venue: North City Library, Rochdale Road
Date: Wednesday 29th June 2011
Time: 6pm - 8pm

Session 4
Venue: Miners Community & Arts Centre, Teddington Road
Date: Thursday 30th June 2011
Time: 6pm - 8pm

The sessions have been organised by FC United and club representatives will be there, together with Moston Juniors Football Club, to explain the plans and answer questions. Representatives from Manchester City Council will also be there to answer questions and explain the council’s processes.
FC United general manager Andy Walsh said: "These sessions are part of our on-going consultation with the Moston community about our plans, aimed at giving as many people as possible the opportunity to put their views directly to us and Moston Juniors Football Club.

"We want as many people as possible to come along and tell us what they would like included in our plans for what would be a community facility. Equally this is not a done deal so we want to hear any concerns so we can take these into consideration as we develop our proposals.

"We will be working closely with the council to keep the community informed as our consultation progresses."

FC United’s proposals for the development include a 5,000 capacity stadium, community changing facilities and classroom, a function space open for public bookings, two additional community pitches and landscaped public areas. The development represents around £3.5 million of investment in Moston.


Sunday, 5 June 2011

Foreign Players in the English Premiership

If you watched England's excruciating performance against Switzerland yesterday you will know exactly why there are so many foreigners in English football. Eleven Englishmen just aren't worth paying to watch.