Friday, 29 July 2011

M40 4FC Supporting FC United of Manchester

M40 4FC is a pressure group in North Manchester supporting FC United of Manchester's efforts to build a new stadium, sport and community facility in the Moston area of Manchester.

They are on Facebook:

And Twitter:!/M40_4FC

Below you can see some YouTube clips of the group.

Keep up the good work!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Mark Cavendish-True Superstar

I'm already looking forward to Le Tour de France 2012, especially to see Mark Cavendish defending his Green Jersey as sprint champion of this year's tour. We'll be planning next year's holiday in France around the route, even Mrs B is getting hooked on Le Tour.

Cav has been referred to by many as 'probably Britain's greatest current sportsman'. That's rubbish, drop the 'probably' and you're right! Tour cyclists are the greatest and toughest athletes in the world, and Cav is up there with the best.

Don't forget Cadel Evans. In recent years he's had some terrible luck in le Tour, but this is his year and he thoroughly deserves the Yellow Jersey as overall winner, Australia's first. Many congratulations to him too.

Roll on Le Tour 2012.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Scandal-Bryan Robson Tells The Truth

What is untrue in the following statement made by Bryan Robson?

'I disagree with people when they say football is a sport. Football lost its sporting thing when the money started coming in and Sky TV and all that. Football's a business.'
He's absolutely correct, which is a large part of why so many of us former Manchester United season ticket holders sacked them in 2005, and haven't watched Premier League football since.

So why is he being pilloried for doing what thousands of people, agents, directors, players, officials and others have been doing for years-bending the rules to make a few quid?

Oh yes, he got caught mentioning it!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Lunch With Mark Halsey

I was at a lunch at Old Trafford yesterday to raise funds for the Lancaster County Cricket Club Development Association. The special guest was Premier League referee Mark Halsey. If you don't know Mark Halsey and his wife have recently both been battling cancer, Mark had throat cancer his wife leukemia. Thankfully they are both doing really well and Mark is now refereeing again, his wife's leukemia is in remission.

He is now doing sterling work raising funds for the Christie Hospital in Manchester. Later in the year he is planning a fundraising event, again at the home of Lancashire County Cricket Club and the guest speaker will be Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho. It should be in September or October, I will be posting details here as soon as possible.

Mark Halsey was an entertaining and likeable speaker. His fight back to fitness is an inspiration to us all, and I hope to be there again when Jose Mourinho comes over to support him and an extremely worthy cause.